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Fairly New Tunes

The Energy Drink Rap.
© 2007 Harry M Gilbert
by some chipmunks..stay buzzin', cousin!
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I Love The Irish.
© 2005 Harry M Gilbert
..goes best with beer
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Time Slips Away.
© 2004 Harry M Gilbert and Jim Keating.
..submitted for the movie Kalamazoo
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PalmPilot, PalmPilot.
© 2003 Harry M Gilbert
..geeks of the world unite!
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..from a guest set opening for Josh White, Jr. at
Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY. c 1977
The Way You Say My Name.
© 1976 Harry M Gilbert
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..from a live set on WRPI c 1978
Dominican Divorce.
© 1977 Harry M Gilbert
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You Are What You Eat.
© 1977 Harry M Gilbert
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Knock Knock.
© 1977 Harry M Gilbert
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Five Foot Two - Nobody's Sweetheart Now.
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